Monday, 7 March 2011

Bicester ice-cream ride

start: Oxford, Marston [SP530079]
finish: Oxford, Marston
distance: 41 km

When in France last year, we found these great ice-cream cafes called Amorino. And to my surprise they have a little shop in Bicester as well! Well worth a visit, and this bicycle route takes you there and back. It includes a few hundred metres of very bad road surface (which stops cars using it as a rat run from the A34), and a great gravel road on your way back. Both sections I've marked in red on the map.

Route map:

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This route is also published on MapMyRide


Pithawat said...

Great route, thanks for sharing!

2202 said...


I'm around at Iffley and when I saw your Oxford Ring I thought I was seeing one of my own!
Just completed the London to Oxford on sunday which turned out to be 6-8 miles longer than I expected, and on a hybrid!
Do you have any gpx files of your routes?
This is the Garmin link to my L2O day.


McHoen said...

Hi Tony,

My plan is to, at some point, update the blog and make all the GPX files available for people to upload to their GPS devices. I have to find the time to do it though.


Dr Anand Segar said...
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Dr Anand Segar said...
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McHoen said...

The really bad bit is only short. And yes, I've done it on a road bicycle. I would say it's worth taking these shortcuts.

Dr Anand Segar said...
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Anonymous said...

Lovely ride, really enjoyed it in the fading light last night. A note regarding the poor surfaces: both required me to slow to practically walking pace on my road bike and I was a little nervous of punctures. So if you're interested in blasting round the whole route on a road bike, maybe try another one, otherwise enjoy!


Gustavo Narea said...

Thank you so much for this route! I'm on my way back to Oxford after doing this route up to Islip... I had to cheat and do the rest on the train after the steep road to Islip.

We also loved the ice creams!

Ayal Bryant said...

Thank you very much for such a nice route! I just did it today, and though it a bit cold for an ice cream I still enjoyed it!

Heidi Mignonne said...

What is the best way to get these directions? I'm not tech savy. Thanks!

Cc said...

Unfortunately a locked gate has been put up on the route with a very bad road surface. It's a shame because I really liked this route.

Anna said...

Hi! Love this site and all the routes. I used them a lot in the past and would love to again. Is there any chance you can update the google maps links so that they work again? Would really appreciate it!