Thursday, 4 February 2010

Kiddington quiet road

start: Oxford, Marston [SP530079]
finish: Oxford, Marston
distance: 66 km

I created this route mainly to guide you to a very quiet, car-free, good quality road between (Over) Kiddington and the B4437. On the Ordnance Survey map this road is drawn white, but it is perfectly suitable for road bikes. One of my favorite few km's in Oxfordshire.

Route map:
Kiddington quiet road, elevation profile This route is also published on MapMyRide


David said...

ei, thank you, very nice blog, it almost get my village: Buckingham :), thank you for the blog, very interesting.
In two weeks friends from Spain are coming and we will do a rout along the north Thames Canal from Oxford, so if you have any advice or a route tip like pubs, restaurants, ;) will be very helpful.

McHoen said...

Thanks David, I've had a drink here once. Don't know about their food though, but I thought it was a nice pub. And it's right on the canal. Enjoy