Friday, 12 October 2007

Banbury and back

St Mary's Church in Banburystart: Oxford, St Giles [SP512065]
finish: Oxford, St Giles
distance: 90.3 km

Banbury Road is well known in Oxford and most people I meet think Banbury is just down the road. But actually Banbury is not that close but worth a visit. Cycling down Banbury Road will bring you eventually in Banbury, but it's an unpleasant and dangerous ride with fast moving cars and trucks on the same road. This route is much quieter and leads you through beautiful Oxfordshire villages, and Banbury of course. When it's too far you can always take the train back instead!

Route map:
Banbury and back, elevation profile This route is also published on MapMyRide

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SandraUK said...

Thank you for all the great routes - I did this one today and it was lovely and quiet.