Sunday, 8 February 2009

Oxford to Leeds

start: Oxford, Jericho [SP505071]
finish: Leeds, Yeadon [SE208403]
distance: 361 km

I few years ago I had to go to Yeadon for work, which is close to Leeds, and decided to cycle there in a weekend. To avoid any serious hills I chose my route East of the Pennines, which worked out very well. It took me three days in the end.

Route map:


David said...

great way for saving money, haha, I want to do something similar and my question is how easy or complicate is camping if you did it.



McHoen said...

I did camp indeed. Not complicated, just make sure you find some campsites on the web, on your route, before you set of.

David said...

thank you for the advise. Next week I do:Manchester-York-Birmingham, 4 days and I wasn´t sure if camping in the middle of the field (I´m not sure if it is legar) or in a proper campsite.