Sunday, 16 September 2007

Around Otmoor

start: Oxford, The Plain [SP522060]
finish: Oxford, The Plain
distance: 36.2 km

This easy cycling route will take you around the low lands of
Otmoor, North of Oxford. The route is mainly flat with two minor
climbs, one getting into Elsfield and the other in Horton-Cum-Studley.
I recommend this route for beginners or for anyone who is looking for
an easy start of the cycling season. There are at least three pubs along this route so there's no need to get thirsty.

Route map:
Around Otmoor, elevation profile
This route is also published on MapMyRide


Major_Grooves said...

Nice blog. I'll maybe try this route with my g/f tomorrow. Thanks.

Major_Grooves said...

Well we did that one. Cheers! Some nice pubs on the route!

Steve K said...

Great loop! Trying to get back into cycling and I gave this route a try and really enjoyed it. Looking forward to trying some of your other routes. Thanks.

xenic said...

Hello thanks for the blog. Very nice! The route map doesn't work for this route. Could you fix it? Cheers.

McHoen said...

I'm fixing this today (finally)

DaveK said...

I did this while visiting Oxford, perfect route, nice and quiet.

Gustavo Narea said...

Thanks for the route! I did it yesterday, which is the longest route I'd done so far.

Most of it was quite fun, but three hills were pretty difficult for me. In one of them I even had to get off the bike and push it. I'm sure it would've been fine for someone with more experience and a better bike though.