Saturday, 29 September 2007

Witney and Chadlington

start: Oxford, St Giles [SP512065]
finish: Oxford, St Giles
distance: 71.2 km

A nice route from Oxford to the edges of the Cotswolds. There's some fantastic scenery of which the road through Wychwood Forest is one of my favorite.

Route map:
This route is also published on MapMyRide


Justin said...

How do you plot this, get the elevation and post in this way?

McHoen said...

I could fill a workshop on that... Main ingredients are GPS, GPSVisualizer website, KML file knowledge, Excel, Google's fantastic maps, etcetera

Dr. Paul said...

Fantastic ride - it took me two days to explore the route as I got very lost on the 1st day and took the S3 bus back home after 50 miles!

The church at Kiddington is nice-take a hard right up the single track just as you enter this village. The forest is indeed beautiful and watch out for the monkjack (muntjac) deer, one almost landed within my spokes!

Thank you for the wonderful blog - I spent many happy hours on the saddle exploring these Oxfordshire routes.

Cleveland, OH

McHoen said...

Hi Paul,

I'm glad you had such a great time in Oxfordshire. Thanks for your comments. Nice to hear when people are using these routes. Sorry to hear you got lost though :-)

Nick said...

great ride, didn't make the few metres of off road near kiddington as took a wrong turn but otherwise kept to route easily. thanks for your hard work in creating the routes for all to share. kate and nick