Thursday, 4 October 2007

West of Oxford

start: Oxford, St Giles [SP512065]
finish: Oxford, St Giles
distance: 54.7 km

Mainly flat cycling route except for a little bump at the end, called Boars Hill. The first 12 km can be unpleasantly busy with cars, but as soon as you leave the B4449 onto the single track road, it's much quieter. Another very nice stretch of single track road between Witney and Stanton Harcourt has long escaped my attention, but is very worthwhile. Even if your bicycle doesn't have any gears this route shouldn't be a problem.

Route map:
West of Oxford, elevation profile This route is also published on MapMyRide

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Brian W. Ogilvie said...

Thanks for posting these routes! My wife and I are in Oxford for six weeks and we've appreciated your advice. We did a variant on this loop last Saturday; we cut out the leg through South Leigh and Witney, instead taking the B4449 directly to Stanton Harcourt. That resulted in a 46 km ride, which was just the right distance for the time we had. (Actually we did a side jog to the Jarn Mound, which made the total ride 48 km).