Sunday, 11 October 2009

Oxford to Quainton

Windmill in Quainton
start: Oxford, Old Marston
finish: Oxford, Old Marston
distance: 82 km

I did this route last week because it was such a nice autumn day. I had never heard of a village like Quainton before and it turns out they have a very nice windmill there. The route is pretty flat overall.

Route map:
Oxford to Quainton, elevation profile


Geoff P said...
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Geoff P said...

I started from Barton, going up to Stanton St John past the crematorium..

The road from Woodeaton to Marston is closed at the moment (22 Sept) so I left the route at Islip following the road to Kidlington and then back along the ring road.

Nice training for London - Paris, July 2013. First ride of this length, a good choice on a crisp autumnal morning. Thanks.